Viagra vs Cialis

With the selection of ED medications currently available for purchase being so wide, every man shopping for them often finds himself completely puzzled. Which one to choose, which one works better, which one has the shortest reaction time, which one has it all but at an affordable price?.. Should I go for Viagra or Cialis or Levitra or some other med at all? The questions that you need to answer are often too many. But that’s what Internet almighty is for in the end of the day. Here in this article we will provide a little overview of the most prominent potency cures and try to figure out their advantages and disadvantages. As you might have already guessed, we will be looking at the big trio of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which are probably the most famous meds for men these days. All of them have a lot in common but they are anything but identical, for sure. Choosing among the three is often a challenging task but with the following information behind your belt, you will cope with that easily. So, let the battle of Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra begin – with a brief description of each of these meds.

What you need to know about Viagra

Viagra is a medication that has Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient and is used mainly in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The list of other health conditions that can be treated with Sildenafil includes pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), altitude sickness, etc.

Sildenafil has been discovered a relatively short time ago – these days it’s hard to believe that Viagra was not even in the market until 1998. Since then its popularity has skyrocketed rapidly – right now it occupies the first place in the market among ED remedies and it’s not likely that some other med will replace it in the nearest future.

Viagra comes in a variety of different strengths, which allow patients to pick perfect dosage based on their condition. Brand-name medication is available as 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets. In most of the cases, 50mg of Sildenafil is enough to give you an erection. However, this dose may be increased to 100mg if the erection obtained was not strong enough or lowered to 25mg if there’s a risk of severe side effects or drug interactions. Even though taking more than 100mg a day is not recommended by the doctors, 200mg generic Viagra is also available for purchase online. Many customers report having used it successfully and without any adverse effects.

Most people using Viagra are concerned about the possible risk of side effects caused by this medication. The least dangerous of these include blushing, headache, dyspepsia, stuffy or runny nose, blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light. However, there are also a number of severe side effects that are extremely rare but very dangerous for your health and even life. These include priapism, heart attack, stroke, sudden hearing loss, severe hypotension and irregular heartbeat. Seek emergency medical help if you experience any symptoms of these after taking Viagra.

What you need to know about Levitra

Shortly after the introduction of Viagra in 1998, major pharmaceutical companies started working on a medication that would be similar to it but wouldn’t infringe any patent rights. A substance named Vardenafil was developed as the result of such research – and almost immediately launched into the market under the brand name of Levitra. While almost identical to Sildenafil (Viagra) in structure, Vardenafil could offer its potential users a couple of advantages over Viagra. First of all, its effective time was a little longer than that of Viagra – though still significantly inferior to that of its next rival named Tadalafil (Cialis). Moreover, Vardenafil turned out to be an effective means of treating preliminary ejaculation –something that took it yet another step further in the race of Viagra vs Levitra.

Potential adverse effects of Vardenafil are identical to those of Sildenafil, which, again, makes these two meds very close competitors but puts them behind Cialis.

Levitra comes in the strengths of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. If you don’t suffer from any health conditions that could possibly affect the way Vardenafil works and don’t take any meds it interacts with, you will be advised to start with taking 10mg shortly before the expected sexual intercourse. Based on the obtained effect, the dose may be lowered to 5mg or increased to 20mg.

What you need to know about Cialis

Cialis was the third prescription ED medication to be approved by the US FDA following the pharmaceutical and marketing triumphs of Sildenafil (Viagra) and Vardenafil (Levitra). Believe it or not but some 11 years ago men didn’t even have to choose what to pop – Cialis or Viagra. The former of the two appeared on market only in late 2003 but managed to reach booming success in years to come.

Although the mechanism of action of Tadalafil (Cialis) is absolutely identical to those of Viagra and Levitra (it works by inhibiting PDE5 too), there’s one very important difference that makes this medication stand out among its competitors. Cialis has got significantly longer half-life period of 17.5 hours. That means you can pop it before leaving home on a night out and be perfectly ready for whatever happens during the night and a good part of the day to come. This outstanding duration of action is what gave Cialis its nickname of ‘weekend pill’ – most people taking it claim that its effect doesn’t wear off for two days in a row. According to them, if you take a pill on Friday night, you might still be up to it on Sunday, which sounds like a good competitive edge indeed.

When compared to Viagra Cialis appears to be a much safer option as it has been reported to cause fewer side effects. Less serious of those might include headache, stomach pains, burping, nasal congestion, flushing, indigestion and muscle and back pains. The only severe side effects of Tadalafil that FDA warns potential users about are vision impairment or sudden hearing loss.

Yellow almond-shaped film-coated Cialis tablets are easy to tell from Viagra (blue diamond-shaped pills) and Levitra (orange round tablets). The strengths the brand-name medication is available in are 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. In most cases you will be recommended to start with 10mg with further dosage adjustments based on your body’s response to the treatment.

Viagra vs Cialis

There are lots of factors that make you go for Viagra or Cialis when choosing your perfect ED medication, such as its price, effectiveness, availability or simply the way it works for you while other meds don’t. Here in this part of our article we will try to cover all of them (except for the subjective ones, of course) and help you make your choice.

Of course, one of the most important factors that people pay attention to when choosing their ED meds is the price. This is where Viagra and Cialis stay almost even. If purchased from a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, such as Walgreens or CVS, Viagra will set you back around $300 for a pack of 10 pills. Cialis, in its turn, is a tad bit more expensive averaging $330 to $350 for 10 pills. It’s clear, however, that many will find this difference negligible. As for the generic meds, the fact that Cialis is more expensive than Viagra becomes more obvious – 1 pill of generic Cialis will cost you about twice as much as generic Viagra.

Another thing that definitely needs being taken into account is the reaction time of the medication. This is where Cialis, in its turn, is victorious in the Viagra vs Cialis battle. While it takes Viagra anywhere between 20 and 120 minutes to start working, people taking Cialis claim that they are almost always ready to get down to business in as short as 15 minutes following the intake of the drug. Besides, there’s also another aspect related to time that makes Cialis totally unrivaled – it is the duration of effect. The effect of Viagra wears off in about 4-6 hours after you take it while for Cialis the same showing ranges between 17.5 hours and incredible 2 days!

A brief overview of customer feedback for the two pills reveals that Viagra has more positive comments from people using it to fight ED. That, however, might be due to the fact that Viagra has been in the market for a significantly longer period of time than Cialis. It first became available for purchase in 1998 while it took Cialis another 5 years to be developed and approved by the FDA.

If you plan to accompany your romantic date with a glass of wine or are getting lucky on a night out after having a couple of beers, then Cialis definitely is a better option for you. This medication is said to be working fine even when you consume fatty foods and/or a little liquor. Viagra, however, doesn’t pair up with alcohol and fat too well – there’s a chance it won’t be as effective as you hope it would be or won’t work at all.

The last but definitely not the least thing to remember when you’re choosing whether to take Cialis or Viagra: side effects. When it comes to less serious side effects, the two pills have got a lot in common as they are highly likely to give you dyspepsia, heartburn, a light headache or flushing. However, as opposed to Viagra Cialis has got barely any serious side effects at all! You only run a tiny risk of suffering from sudden hearing loss or vision impairment while for Viagra these two are complemented by the risk of heart attack or stroke, arrhythmia, priapism and several other highly unpleasant conditions.

So, taking all of the above into consideration, we will dare to conclude that Cialis seems to be a better ED treatment than Viagra at a first glance. However, we highly recommend that you try both of the meds in order to figure out, which one works better for your body.

Levitra vs Viagra

Frankly speaking, Viagra vs Levitra comparison is not going to be as interesting as that of Cialis and Viagra or Cialis and Levitra – simply because the active ingredients in Viagra and Levitra are almost identical to each other. Hence, all of the features that these two meds offer are almost identical too. The prices both meds are sold at in brick-and-mortar pharmacies fluctuate around $280-300 for a pack of 10 tablets. The duration of effect totals 4-6 hours. Even the side effects are very similar – however, if you had unpleasant side effects when using Viagra, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take Levitra. The possibility that you will experience adverse effects when taking one med but tolerate the other one perfectly is always very high.

Neither Viagra nor Levitra can be taken with alcohol or grapefruit or grapefruit juice. You can accompany Levitra with a hearty meal though while Viagra works best when taken on an empty stomach. According to customers’ reviews, Levitra has somewhat shorter reaction time – even though the official package inserts tell you to take Levitra 60 minutes before sexual activity and Viagra – 30 to 120 minutes before sex.

The bottom line for Levitra vs Viagra comparison is the following: these two meds are so similar you should consider trying both of them on separate occasions to see, which one works best for you.

When returning to Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra battle, the outcome seems obvious – Cialis works faster, stays effective for longer periods of time, has fewer side effects and gives you erections even when taken along with fatty food or a little alcohol. It is a little more expensive, however, which prevents it from seizing the flawless victory in this battle of three.

Nevertheless, we would conclude that it’s all not as easy as it seems to be from the first sight. The final deciding factor would always be you and the way you feel after taking Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. There’s always a possibility that your body won’t tolerate Cialis but respond perfectly to Viagra or Levitra. Such cases are actually reported in chats and on message boards all over the Internet – along with exactly the opposite ones. Thus, take our little overview of the three ED meds into account – but make the final decision based on your body’s response to the medication.

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